Gila: My Favorite Ratting Ship

Through the 4 years I've been playing EVE Online I have used various ships for ratting ranging from the Drake Navy Issue to the Vexor Navy Issue (back when the VNI was the goto ship for ratting).

However, after the Vexor Navy Issue was remade into a more PVP orientated ship (through changes of how the ship is fitted, including the reduction of it's drone bandwidth) people scrambled to find good replacements for subcap ratting.

So enters the Gila. The Gila was already used in ratting and was the primary cruiser of choice for abyssals, however once the VNI was changed I found the Gila to come more into the spotlight of ratting.

Needless to say I had instantly fell in love with the ship. It's quite a bit pricey compared to the old (and new) VNI, is accessible to Alpha clones and can practically be used almost anywhere in New Eden. I have used it in both Guristas space as well as currently in The Kalevala Expanse (Rogue Drone space) and it performs exceptionally well even against omni-damage.

One of the good things I find is it's ability to both tank and deal damage. It can field 2 Medium drones (with a bunch more in drone bay ready to fight if you lose one) and can fit missile launchers, so essentially giving you the options to both chunk apart Frigates and Destroyers with the missiles and Cruisers to Battleships with the drones with a huge drone damage bonus.

With the way that rogue drones do omni-damage, I have my Gila fitted with a single Multispectrum Shield Hardener which grants resists to all damage types and also sport a heavy passive shield setup with tech 2 Large Shield Extenders and Purger rigs (which I do need to upgrade to tech 2 rigs).

I am able to run Drone Hordes without issues and have never really gotten to the point of needing to warp off. The lowest my shield have gone was ~20% which was mainly due to that I landed in a Drone Horde site with a superwave present.

Another thing is I just use standard light missile launchers instead of rapid light launchers. While rapid lights are good in theory, I just cannot stand the reload time of them especially if I am reloading and get tackled by either another player or an NPC. Standard light launchers means I don't fire as fast, but means I can reload more quickly.

So here is my current fit for my Gila. I still have some work to do to it and upgrade more things when I get the skills for it, but this fitting currently suits my needs:

Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

10MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Enduring Multispectrum Shield Hardener
Large Shield Extender II
Large Shield Extender II
Large Shield Extender II
Large Shield Extender II

Arbalest Compact Light Missile Launcher
Arbalest Compact Light Missile Launcher
Arbalest Compact Light Missile Launcher
Arbalest Compact Light Missile Launcher
Drone Link Augmentor I

Medium Core Defense Field Purger I
Medium Core Defense Field Purger I
Medium Core Defense Field Purger I

Imperial Navy Infiltrator x8

Caldari Navy Mjolnir Light Missile x2336

I mainly plan to upgrade the Multispectrum Shield Hardener and Core Defense Field Purger rigs to both tech 2 which will give me a lot more tank and survivability.

All in all the Gila is an amazing ship and is currently my favorite ship to fly and to rat with. I might even start doing a little bit of PVP with a Gila once my income gets a lot higher.

For anyone looking to do subcap ratting, I highly recommend the Gila. I'd also recommend it as the goto cruiser for abyssals too (even though I don't do abyssals).

It's pricey, but it's well worth it for being a damn fine ship.

Fly dangerously


I was meaning to publish a completely different blog post today, but something happened today in the Twitch community and something in relation to what happened has roots in the EVE Online community as well.

I am referring to depression.

A few hours ago the Twitch streamer known as Reckful ( committed suicide after having been dealing with being bipolar and depression for practically his entire life.

While having never watched his streams or really knew him beyond knowing he streamed on Twitch, it sort of hit home knowing that I myself am bipolar and suffer with depression everyday of my life and have even attempted suicide a few times in the past when I got overwhelmed and I couldn't take it anymore.

This is one of the reasons why I play EVE Online. EVE helps me escape my horrible reality and live a different life, a better life, in New Eden. I also know that among the many thousands of players that play EVE, there are those who have escaped into New Eden to get away from their real life problems as well.

I just want to state that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If you are depressed, feeling suicidal or struggling in real life please, please seek out help. I cannot stress that enough. I have been down that road many times and almost didn't come back from it.

The greatest thing about the EVE community is that the community comes together for each other through thick and thin.

One such ways is through the Broadcast4Reps support channels that offer places to talk to other EVE pilots as well as other information to get the help you need. You can find all this information here on the EVE Online subreddit under the "Real Life Troubles" sidebar link:

Again I cannot stress this enough. If you need help or someone to talk to, please go look at all the information in that reddit link and broadcast4reps for help.

You are not alone.

Fly safe, capsuleers.

Farewell, Chappy.

It has been over a week since my last blog post and for that I am very sorry. I have been dealing with things in real life and my mental state hasn't been in a very writers mood as of late.

However, this post is going to be quite an emotional one. What I am writing about I learned about days ago when it was announced and while I don't personally know the person or ever interacted with them in New Eden I feel as though I should write about it.

A few days ago a pilot named Chappy78 Chapman submitted the following thread on the EVE Online forums regarding his wishes for a birthday bash:

What really hit the EVE community hard is the fact that in that thread he stated that his cancer had returned and that it was terminal. His birthday bash request was a request to have a massive PVP brawl for his very last birthday.

While I knew about the event, I was dealing with my own issues and never got the chance to goto the birthday bash.

And while I never knew him in person or ingame, I found myself emotionally distraught as I write this post.

I came to this state due to a tribute video I came across earlier (which also sparked my wanting to write this post) that just absolutely sent me into tears nearly instantly.

If you were wondering which video it was, this is the one that I am referencing to:

I don't know what it is, but damn this video made me cry in a very, very short time when watching it.

I know that I never met you in person or ingame Chappy, but I just wanted to say as an EVE Online pilot and capsuleer you will be greatly missed and I wish that things could have been different so you could stick around for a lot longer and blow up internet spaceships with us some more. I would also like to extend my sympathies to your family for what they will be going through now and in the future.

Eyes forward, capsuleer, the cyno is not yet lit. Consider your modules, your rigs and ammo before you undock, for the cyno is not yet lit. Break free of the station and witness the universe before you, For the cyno is not yet lit. Set your ship to fly through the vastness while you wait, For the cyno is not yet lit. Pay attention, capsuleer, for those who have gone before you call for you to join them. The cyno is now lit.

Farewell, Chappy, and fly dangerously wherever you go. o7

RNG Can Be Brutally Unforgiving

They say that EVE Online is one of the most unforgiving game universes around and over the past few days I have been getting treated, on a silver platter, to that very notion to the point of full frustration.

Most of my ISK generation and purchases have been made by running DED 4/10 escalations, namely Guristas Scout Outpost since I reside in Caldari space. I've been getting quite a few escalations lately from running Hideaways and Refuges.

However, the RNG for the escalations have been absolutely unforgiving to me. The last 5 or 6 escalations I have run have resulted in very poor loot. The following image displays what my loot has been like the past few days:

As you can see, the loot has an estimated value of around 2.4 million ISK. Most of my escalation runs lately have all been similar, give or take a few hundred thousand ISK.

This is what is absolutely frustrating to me. It's not just escalations either, I have been getting a lot of commander spawns too that have proven to be absolutely fruitless as far as loot comes.

I know eventually RNG will turn to be on my side, but right during this time I don't know what I have done to deserve this treatment. I often feel like the RNG gods have forsaken me.

Anyway, I just wanted to post this as a rant. I feel quite better now actually for getting this frustration off my chest.

Fly dangerously

Congratulations to Mike Azariah on CSM15

Another Council of Stellar Management election rolled around with all the candidates being announced yesterday during the CCP live stream (watch the VOD here).

Being yet another CSM that is heavily nullsec influenced, there are a few gems that stand out and there was one member that is definitely deserving of the council.

He goes by Mike Azariah. Why does he stand out though? Well he is heavily into helping new players. A lot of the player base currently is not part of the Rookie Help chat, but everyday Mike is in there helping new players with their questions.

He also runs the "Operation: Magic School Bus" which essentially is an initiative to travel through new player zones (like the career agent systems) and gives away fitted ships to new pilots.

This is well deserving a spot on the CSM as it gives a voice of not only highsec, but new players as well.

While I could not vote, I did voice my support multiple times in favor of Mike Azariah.

Anyway, here is the rest of the current seats of CSM15:

Just want to finish up my post by congratulating Mike Azariah on his successful CSM15 campaign. Thank you Mike for all you do for the highsec people and new players.

Fly dangerously

EVE Is Beautiful

I have played quite a lot of various MMORPGs during my time before I started playing EVE Online and if there is one thing that definitely separates EVE from all the rest is it's absolutely stunning graphics and artwork.

Literally no other MMORPG that I have played has had this kind of graphical beauty before and even 17 years later after it's release, EVE is still considered (in my opinion) the most beautiful out there in the genre.

One of the biggest problems I really face is the fact that my computer isn't all that great and I can't run max graphics, so most of my admiration of EVE beauty comes from others who can run the visuals to the maximum. My computer hardware limits me to playing in what we call "potato" mode, which is essentially low graphics.

CCP recently announced, in alignment with the recent Clear Vision update, a screenshot contest for the best and most beautiful screenshot and three winners will be chosen by the CCP team live on their stream later in the month.

While I normally run potato mode all the time, I decided to do a screenshot. I went maximum allowed graphics and fought against like 2 FPS to undock, fly to my home systems sun and setup my screenshot.

Here is the result of my work:

I was extremely satisfied with this, that I even made it my official submission to the EVE Clear Vision screenshot competition:

I am quite happy with how many people have liked it and even if I win or don't win the competition, I am still proud of what I captured and hopefully in the future when I get a better computer I can start doing more beautiful screenshots.

Fly dangerously

A Radical Idea for Invasion Chapter 3

So with the recent Invasion Chapter 3 update in full swing with EDENCOM and Triglavian forces duking it out and the recent fall of Raravoss to the Triglavians, I recently (as in a few moments ago) had an idea that could really make this stuff even more interesting.

This idea suddenly came to me as Torvald Uruz was starting his stream up and discussions of Triglavians came about.

What it is right now is you are allowed to fight for the Triglavians and still maintain your security status as well as access to all Empire space and stations.

My idea is that if you choose to fight for the Triglavians then your security status should drop and you should lose access to all Empire stations and be kill on sight while in Empire space.

This means that your security status will be automatically set to -10 to all four Empires, as you should be considered an enemy to the Empires based on your treasonous choice, and you will no longer be able to access stations like Jita 4-4.

On the other side, anyone choosing to side with EDENCOM should have their security status to the Triglavian Collective set to -10 and you will be kill on sight in any system that is occupied by Triglavians.

I'm not sure exactly how far CCP wants to go with this invasion stuff, but it would be cool if Triglavians were to setup their own stations in systems they capture that act like NPC stations where anyone fighting for them could dock, trade, etc..

This idea seems only feasible if the Triglavians capture more systems and I am not even sure if it would be possible with the current EVE code being as spaghetti as it is, but I think it could really shake things up.

I don't even know how this would even be received by players as even I think it's such a radical idea, but I feel like it could be interesting and really make people think about which side they want to join.

Fly dangeorusly

The Blood-Stained Stars

The Sisters of EVE Epic Arc, also known as The Blood-Stained Stars, is a long mission arc that takes you across empire spaces for various missions as well as providing EVE lore, a pretty decent chunk of ISK and a huge standings boost for whichever empire you choose near the end of the arc.

I took it upon myself to start it again for my second time running the arc in the 4 years I have been playing EVE. I used a Corax instead of a Cormorant this time, as missiles allow me to switch and select the proper damage type for the mission (whereas the Cormorant using hybrids is locked to Kinetic/Thermal).

The entire arc went fairly quickly, except I had some problems and ended up in a stalemate with Dagan (the arcs final boss that has high resists as well as repair systems). My missile skills aren't maxxed out and I found myself a few DPS short of the required DPS to break his tank and negate his repairing.

It was no biggie though as I had found someone to come help and we fleeted up so I helped him kill Dagan for his mission, and that person came and helped me do mine. Another nice player in an Enyo came to help me as well.

The whole arc was really fun to do again and got to read some of the lore. The only thing I really forgot about the whole arc is the amount of travelling you do. I think I spent more time in travel than I actually spent on the missions. Perhaps the next time I do the arc in a few months I will have higher skills, and be Omega status, to use a ship that can travel faster.

I had started at roughly 6PM my time and completed the arc at around 10:30PM my time. I did take a few breaks now and then as well as stopping a short time in the last chapter due to a storm that had started in my area (was worried about losing power during a mission and losing my ship for no reason). A large chunk of those 4.5 hours were definitely spent in travel.

Anyway, I cannot wait to go do it again in a few months and maybe next time I will also loot to see how much ISK I can make with selling the loot as well.

Fly dangerously

Raravoss Has Fallen to the Triglavians

Since the third chapter of the Invasion, the Triglavians had launched an assault on the system of Raravoss located in the Domain region.

Both Triglavian and EDENCOM forces have clashed in the system while the Triglavians launched what looked like a strange beam at the systems sun which has since started to completely change the way it looks. Further information, it appears that the Triglavians were extracting resources from the star in order to advance their assault on the system.

However, sadly, news came in directly from The Scope a short time ago reporting that the system of Raravoss has been fully conquered by the Triglavians with the full decimation of EDENCOM and allied forces while the Triglavians have setup a massive stronghold to maintain their hold on the system.

Here is the full broadcast by The Scope with all the information and news about this travesty:

I just have to honestly say that this chapter of Invasion is already off to a great, interesting start and the fact that the Triglavians have a stellar harvesting platform that can literally change the way a systems star looks in appearance over time as the platform fires is absolutely amazing.

I still have yet to decide which side I want to fight for in the future. Should I betray the State and welcome the Triglavian overlords or join EDENCOM and defend my home and bring glory to the State?

Fly dangerously

Singularity Update and New Event

There has been two new updates to the world of EVE Online posted today on June 5, 2020. One of them is a very, very nice quality of life update that landed on the Singularity test server and the other is an upcoming event.

Singularity Update

Posted on the official EVE forums, Singularity Update - 5 June 2020, CCP Dopamine outlines the recent update to the Singularity test server which includes new ships and a quality of life update that for sure will make a lot of people very happy.

As for the ships, the new EDENCOM ships Skybreaker (Frigate class) and Thunderchild (Battleship class) have landed on the test server as well as the new Arcing Vorton Projector weapon.

While new ships are nice, the biggest thing I think in the test server update is a quality of life update that includes a feature available in almost every single MMORPG ever (including those back when EVE first released in 2003): The ability to logout to character screen.

Listed in the update post by CCP Dopamine:

  • Returning to the Character Selection screen when in station or space.
This is going to be huge if it actually works properly when it gets implemented into Tranquility. It's going to be so good for players who have multiple characters on the same account and might boost multiple character training certificate sales (since it will be easier to switch between characters).

I am definitely looking forward to this feature on Tranquility and will most likely be making multiple characters on my account and purchasing some MCT certificates in the future.

Gathering Storm and Lightning Strikes Event

Also announced today on the EVE Online website, a new event called Gathering Storm and Lightning Strikes:

The new event will be starting soon and will be running for the nearly the rest of June 2020. The event is also split into two parts. The first part "Gathering Storm" will begin June 9 and run until June 15, providing goodies galore including skill points and boosters:

Gathering Storm login rewards will include thousands of Skill Points and Booster Gift Boxes. Capsuleers in Omega Clone State will get those rewards, as well as the skills necessary for piloting the new EDENCOM ships and their brand new Arcing Vorton Projector weapons!
The second part of the event, Lightning Strikes, will begin on June 15 and run until June 29. It doesn't appear there will be any login rewards for this part of the event and instead sports PVE sites where you can fight Rogue Drones and loot the new Upwell technology from the wrecks in the sites that provide things you need for the new EDENCOM ships (such as skill books, materials, etc.):

With secret Upwell Covert Research Facilities in lowsec and parts of nullsec having come under attack and been destroyed by Rogue Drones, Capsuleers can enter the sites and face off against the Rogue Drones, looting the Upwell tech from the wreckage.

In addition, each event site offers the chance of spawning a rare escalation that can be investigated for additional rewards.

Rewards include manufacturing and invention materials, Skill Books, and more related to the new EDENCOM ship line.
Overall, I am very pleased with both announcements today. The update on Singularity is nice and the new upcoming event looks really nice too.

Fly dangerously